Yes We Can END TB

World Tuberculosis Day Invest to End TB and Save Lives

Respiratory infections have been haunting humanity for a long time, and Tuberculosis is one such primary infection.


Myth: Tuberculosis is a curse. Reality: This is a false notion.

Anti- Tuberculosis League in Bombay City,1912

Robert Koch’s announcement of the tubercle bacillus in 1882 was a landmark, but attention in colonial India moved fro

Habitat Monitoring for TB Risk Mitigation and an Integrated Information-based DecisionMaking Framework for Dense Urban Settings: An Approach

The impact of the unclean and crowded living conditions, especially that experienced in the thickly populated slums o

Recurrent TB Infection–A Nightmare!

Tuberculosis disease among previously treated individuals (recurrent TB) constitutes 5–30% of the TB burden.